what's on my mind this week?


I ended up submitting my assessment for the cyber security unit of my course at 11:56pm last night with four minutes to spare, two unanswered sections, and a heap of inevitable spelling and grammer mistakes beacuse I had such little time to proof read. At least I got it out of the way and had a day off today. I've completely reconsidered doing something technical like web development or cyber security as a career. I almost pulled out of this course because I was pretty much certain I wouldnt make it through. I'm pushing through and doing it anyway though, it's good to have these skills and get this certificate, even if it doesnt directly help me with where im going in life.

I think anything to do with IT, science, or math needs to stay a hobby, I don't have the stuff to do any of that full time. I think what's best for me, and what I've wanted most of my life, is to do something creative and collaborative as a job. That way, I'm not left to my own devices to procrastinate and get bored of whatever I'm supposed to be working on. Whether it be animation, storyboarding, screenwriting, or anything akin to that, I'd like to do something in that field. It might mean I'll be a bit strapped for cash and also have to move to L.A., but so what? I love the sunny weather and the beach, and I'd get to meet and work with a lot of like-mided people whilst doing something I genuinely enjoy.

I'm going to work on my animation/illustration/other creative skills in between studying on the web dev course. Once that's done, I'll find a different course for something creative, and take it from there.


I got a new telescope today that I was going to use to view the devil comet at 1am tomorrow. My dad and I planned to drive out west to see it where the skies aren't light polluted. But it's been overcast and rainy all day, and it doesnt seem like the clouds are going to clear up in time. So oh well, looks like I'm going to have to skip out on it this time and go see it in 2095. I did get some pretty great photos of the moon (one attached below) through the new telescope when the clouds weren't covering it though. Excuse the grainy iPhone quality if you zoom in, I couldnt get my proper camera. It looks even better than the picture in person, and that's just with the standard lens. I'll be able to see it even closer and in more detail once I figure out how to work the thousands of fiddly lens pieces.

I keep getting distracted and I'm delaying doing work on my course, I really have to pick up the pace on my assessment because it's due in either 7 or 14 days (conflicting information from teacher). I ended up binge watching an entire four seasons of a show in the last two days instead of doing my work, yikes. It shouldn't be too hard though, there isn't a huge amount of work. I need to build up some motivation and dedicate an entire day or two to it, and take a break from tv and other distracting hobbies.


I had to go to the pathology clinic to get some bloodwork done at 6am this morning. Nothing better than a syringe in your arm as a morning wake up call (ouch). I probably should have gotten my left arm done instead, because I cant take notes without it being itchy & irritating. Besides that, life is going really well, I've got a lot of good things going for me right now. I'm getting the units on my course done really quickly, and I feel like I'm actually learning something. It's all boring cyber security & privacy laws at the moment, but It's pretty easy to grasp. I've got some great news coming if that bloodwork from today comes back normal too, and the weather is even starting to cool down a little. The wind is picking up & its starting to rain more. All good stuff.


I saw the ISS fly overhead last night. Surprisingly the first time I’ve ever seen it, considering I’m in an area that it orbits over quite often. Incredibly fast, but it was still a sight to behold. I lost it behind the clouds after 10 seconds or so. The way it arced over the sky really set in the fact that we’re all on a giant ball. I also have a ski trip all booked for late July (although I won’t be skiing, I’ll be snowboarding).

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